Adorable And Cute Toenail Art Designs

Toenail Art

Accessorizing feet is becoming an integral part of being a fashion icon. Most of the artists in the industry have tried putting up art in their toenails to add a more glamorous effect on their overall look. If you’re looking for a way to improve your looks, then you should better start considering adding up some art to your toenails right now.

Some Important Aspects

If you have planned to put up some art on your toe nails, it is best if you’re going to find the best artist in your place first. There are lots of bad cases out there when it comes to putting art in toe nails and it may cost you a lot of trouble. You may actually refer to some websites such as Instagram to find the artist you are looking for.

Some cute designs available right now are:

Hello kitty designs

Toenail Art-2

Black and white designs

Toenail Art-3


Toenail Art-4

Polka dots

Toenail Art-5

Warning for first timers

Be wary of some nail polish used for toenail art because they may contain a very harmful or dangerous chemical called lead. This particular chemical is harmful to humans when ingested, especially when it comes to contact to skin because it is known to cause adverse effects on the functionality of the human brain. It is better to buy only the trusted and widely known brands right in the market to make sure of the quality and effectiveness of the product.

Some accessories to use

If the design on your toenail is not enough for you, you may actually add beads or spangles so that you toenail will look more glamorous and special. You may also use stickers; just make sure to find the stickier ones so that they will not fall out when you walk. You may also add glitters so that your toenails will shine in the sun. You may actually request your designer to put these add-ons on your toenail so that mistakes can be avoided.

Toenail Art-6

The importance of nail art brushes

Brushes play an important role in achieving a very good art for toenails. You must be ready to invest in this type of things as they are costly. The main types of brushes that you can buy are: flat brushes, fan-shaped brushes, flat-angled brushes, long stipers, and thin brushes. If you’re trying to save on money, you can try to use a cheaper brush, such as a paint brush. Just make sure that before you use that kind of brush, you trim it to a desirable shape so that it is convenient to use. You can ask help from an artist to trim the brush because he or she will be the ones to put the design on your toenails.

Toenail Art-7

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