Best Brands Of Nails Supply

If you are fond of painting your nails and are starting your own personal collection of the best nails supply, you would need to know which brands are actually worth your investment.

Nails Supply

There are thousands of nail polish brand across the world, however only a few stands out and have proved that they are indeed the best. Some of them are a bit expensive, but are worth the price.  Just like any other things that you could buy, quality should always come first. The list of nail polish brands is in fact renowned to be the best of quality.

Deborah Lippman

This brand has nail polishes that are worth $19.00. Most users of the brand sees it as a “must have”.  It has a good brush design that allows you to apply the polish without being messy.  Since they produce high-end nail polish you can achieve consistent opacity even with just one coat.

Nails Supply

China Glaze

China Glaze is one of the most favored nail polishes. These polishes are ideal for those that have peely nails since it has a hardening formula allowing the nails to become hard.  China Glaze has pretty colors that you can choose from.  Each bottle is sold at $6.99.

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Essence Color Quick Drying

If you are up for emergency night outs or parties that requires rapid change of nail polish. You will appreciate Essence Color Quick Drying nail polishes. Other than the brand have wide varieties of pretty colors to choose from all their polishes in matter of minutes. It is also known for its smoothness and can be bought for $1.99.

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OPI Shatter Nial

If you are up for a cracked effect on your nails without any hassles, you can use this nail polish. Apply any color of your choice or the best color choice to contrast the polish and you will get amazing and creative results. There are also other OPI polishes that are so radiant and pretty. You can it for $8.

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If you wish to have the best bombshell nails, you must have Orly nail polishes in your collection.  The brand is known for easy application, good brush, and wide variety of colors. You can have sexy nails for $3.99.

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This brand comes is known its great glitter nail polishes since it can be worn with any basecoat and make your nails look more sophisticated and posh.  You do not have to spend more than $3.99 to achieve pure sophistication.

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So that is your list of best nail polishes, if you have them all ion your collection you are on the right track. If not, it is not too late you can still buy one and include it in your collection. Enjoy.

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