Finding The Best Nail Polish Brands

Nail polish with high qualities

Nail polish is our nails best friend. Whether it’s our fingernails or toenails, both requires that special treatment from time to time and that is applying nail polish on them. Nail lacquers add colors and increase glamour to those who wear it. In this era, the trend of using nail polish doesn’t stop in applying it rather it is just the beginning. With so many nail art ideas, it inspires more women to use polish.

Nail polish brands

But how to find the best nail polish brands to purchase requires a difficult task since there are so many brands available in the market. With so much information available in the internet, it makes the task even harder to accomplish but of course it is still possible to do. It is said that high quality products go with the price. Now we will see if it really works. I have included list of brands for your choosing.

Some Of The Recommended Brands You Can Consider

  • Deborah Lippmann Lacquer – this nail polish is sworn not to contain harmful chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor and formaldehyde instead it is infused with green tea and biotin which is natural. It is available in seven colors or shades namely; crème, sheer, glitter, all swatch color, shimmer, specialty and celebrity shades. The price ranges from $18.00-$20.00. This nail polish is also available in gift sets which can be fetch from $19.00-$195.00.

Nail Polish brands

  • OPI Nail lacquer – It is just one among the many popular nail polish brands. OPI is based in Hollywood California. Its colors are vibrant, highly pigmented and rich. You can tell the quality of it alone from its color. It is chip resistant and last for a long time. OPI also offers other manicure and pedicure products, nail removers, nail art kits and other similar products that you might be interested in.

Nail Polish brands

  • Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish – This nail polish has a quick drying time and has brush which perfectly applies polish on your nail. There are varieties of vibrant colours which you can choose from and they are really shiny and bottles are with good designs. You can also purchase base coat, top coat and gel from them. Although this company also offers other products like lipstick, makeup and other beauty stuffs which you also might consider buying.

Nail Polish brands

These are just few among many available brands in the market. In choosing the best from them, you must never let the quality be sacrificed with the price. You sure want to have some good deals but what are you going to do with products which are cheap in price but are of low quality and might harm you anyway. It is better be safe than sorry.

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